I was brought up in a multi-cultured family of a Danish father and Tanzanian Mother. I spent most of my childhood and teenage years in Dar es Salaam where I attended the International School of Tanganyika. I returned to Denmark where is stared working as a camera assistant and got accepted to attend the Royal Danish Film School, Cinematography line. I feel privileged to have pursued my Cinematography in this prestigious institution.

Since my graduation I have been working on a vast different types of fiction, documentaries, cooperate and commercials. I consider myself a forerunner in experimenting with different approaches to the way the narrative is presented. I do this through different camera movement and camera technics, all the choices taken with the story telling as the main focus.

When I look back at my work during the last years I can see many works where I have used the camera to interweave reality with a sense of fantasy, where I use this method to insinuate the poetic emotional state of mind. 

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